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Zambian Civil Servants Development (ZACSD)

Zambian Civil Servants Development (ZACSD)

Not only the teaching staff. Through our department called Study in Germany Affordably (SiGA), DLC will source free education to the Zambian civil servants to study masters and PhDs at the Germany universities.

This gesture will also deliver workshops, seminars, short special trainings in Germany.

When the trainees are in Germany, during such programs DLC organizes exposure power-point presentations where the African guests show-case their needs in their government departments they represent. Eventually, good and developmental deals are done for the Germans to go out and help or do business in such needy departments.

Definitely, it is very expensive for the government to sponsor its civil servants to further their studies in developed countries such as the United States of America-USA, the United Kingdom-UK, Canada, Australia, etc. In such countries to attain a full bachelor, masters or PhD costs one around US$300,000.00, $100,000.00, and $250,000.00, respectively! How many learners would any government manage to sponsor countrywide? Very few if not none. But with the free education in Germany bridge opened by DLC for the Zambians, the Zambian government would be able to sponsor even over 500 civil servants yearly – in any specialized department. For example, that could be an average of 50 learners per province. Manageable, because in the semester fee in all the German state sponsored universities is almost ZERO (0)! No tuition fees!

DLI is ready to bring Zambia on board in this area too. The needy government ministries such as education, health, council, etc, can be revived through such a program, ZACSD.


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