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What’s New?

What’s New?

Life Changing Solutions! Solutions! For A New Dawn Zambia!!!

This time the focus is on Zambia, a country that just went through a peaceful transition of power change from the PF to the new and promising UPND government!

The United Party for National Development(UPND) has embarked on causing positive change, in the previously embattled nation, in the following areas: free education; jobs to the 10s of thousands of unemployed nurses/health-workers, and teachers; youth empowerment through agriculture and other key sectors.

Our CDT-Group (Central Hamburg University, Diversity Learning Institute, and Twikatane e. V(NGO)) all of Germany has responded by going to Zambia and help the new government, under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema, popularly known as HH, to alleviate the aforesaid problems.

GDT-Group is, therefore, pleased to inform all the Zambian youths, the needy, and the general public at large to watch this page as we unveil our free education system. Our team has submitted all the plans to the Zambian government to get started with our programs.

In partnership with the Zambian governments, in our plan we expect to fulfill the following:

  1. Free Education:

From diploma to undergraduate studies in various faculties.

Targetting an initial of at least 150,000 learners across the 10 provinces of Zambia.

  1. Youth Empowerment:

In the following key diploma courses;

  • Entrepreneurship & Winning Mindset(EWM),
  • Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship(AE),
  • Girl & Mom in Agribusiness(GMA),
  • and other self-skills programs.

Targetting an initial of at least 200,000 learners across the 10 provinces of Zambia.

  1. Job placements for the trained but unemployed nurses/healthworkers and teachers

Helping at least 10,000 such professionals to get the long-awaited jobs in both sectors.

  1. And more self-help projects.


  • All the above will be facilitated by the CDT-Group and partner organisations and universities in Germany/Europe.
  • This gesture is also open to other African countries in need. Get in touch with our German HQ, and we will be on your doorstep to provide equal solutions and help.

”Keep watching this page as we help transform Zambia”


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