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Sponsored Mass Education in Zambia

On 17th July 2022, we launched the Mass Education, Agribusiness, and Help-Projects(MEA&HPs) with the follwoing goals and benefits to the nation of Zambia, through our various programs and projects brought to Zambia:

  • To prevent mass exodus, especially, by youths for the western rich countries for greener partsures
  • Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship-AE, under the department of African Soils Against Poverty(ASAP), being our main project, trains and empowers, millions of youths and adults. Eventually, being self-sustainable and feed the local communities and exports the excess yield internationally for more revenue. The project will be the highest employer in the nation of Zambia.
  • Enhanced skills and innovations among the youths and adults, that wil eventually turn them into creative entrepreneurs. They will ultimately be able to create job opportunities in their communities.

Target group: The needy/vulnerable youths, adults, widows, single mothers, the girl-child, the disabled, and the old-age.