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Main Outcomes of DG ZEB

Main Outcomes of DG ZEB

    1. Improved lifestyle of an Zambian
    2. Improved managerial skills of the German trained and exposed personnel from the Zambian government sector-and to have a future continued education and business relations.
    3. Attracting potential business and educational investors in Zambia’s various sectors. Especially to develop the educational facilities in the rule areas.
    4. Schools will gradually be well equipped through mutual co-operations between the local ones and those in Germany fostered by DLC. That is freely sourced equipment, books, teaching aids, and volunteer teachers, trainers, coaches, counsellors, etc. All from Germany.
    5. And many more, too numerous to itemize.

To achieve such, it takes time and money. But DLC has done its homework and have such links to continue such works.


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