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Agribusiness and Help projects

Under the sponsored Mass Education, Agribusiness, and Help-Projects(MEA&HPs), we offer the following programs and projects:

Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship-AE

Under African Soils Against Poverty(ASAP) Department

Regarded by us as the Project of The Century, the ASAP project, which teaches Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship(AE) course, is designed to make total use of the vast soils of Zambia and Africa for agricultural food production and eventually put a balanced died meal on a table of every household.

Following are the ASAP/AE sustainable phases that fulfil the United Nations(UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), With ASAP, we are here to totally alleviate poverty in Zambia and Africa.

The ASAP program runs I various phases.

For further details lick here for a full brohure: