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African Constitution

Twikatane e.V Continental

General Governing Rules

  1. New National And Continental Office Nomenclature:

With effect from now the Twikatane e.V will adopt the following office names:

1.1. Continental Level

Continental Chairperson, Mrs. Belinda Chitusa Siame

Continental Vice Chairperson, Bishop Isaac Ayodele

Secretary to HQ Germany International Chairperson, Ms. Charity Muponda

1.2. National Level

Country Chairperson -CC

Country Vice Chairperson-CVC

Very Important: between the two above one should be male and other female (or both females. But not both males). Check your structure and immediately vote to conform to the above.

Country Finance Manager-CFM

Country Secretary-CS

And other team members (according to your definitions)

Note: Mr. Evans Lukomona will no longer be called Twikatane e.V President, butInternational Chairperson.

  1. With effect from now all the countries shall operate independently with their own Twikatane e.V national structures. However, there will be few higher offices on the continent that will coordinate/intermediate the countries on behalf of the HQ in Germany. Such as the following offices:

2.1. Continental Chairperson, Mrs. Belinda Chitusa Siame

2.2. Continental Vice Chairperson, Bishop Isaac Ayodele

2.3. Secretary to HQ Germany Chairperson, Ms. Charity Muponda

2.4. Continental Agricultural & Community Development Director, Dr. Cleto Namoobe

  1. Decision Making:

National leaders, managers, or any other TEV members shall not make personal decisions without the 2/3 veto by the national committee. Implying that the national leader will call such a deciding meeting before sending any decisions to the intermediate office which represents the HQ in Germany. This encourages full participation.

4. New Office Employees:

4.1. No person will be single handed be appointed by the national chairperson. Instead he/she will propose that name and be interviewed by the entire national team. When he/she qualifies for the job all the team will make a vote of agreement amounting to 2/3 of that vote. Failure to reaching the 2/3 or maximum vote that new person will not get the job at hand.

4.2. Upon appointing that new person, his/her name shall be introduced to the HQ Germany for an official induction.

  1. Terms Of Office:

5.1. At Continental Level

The Chairperson and Vice chairperson will hold office up to 3 years from now, June 2021, and liable to be re-elected through a 2/3 majority vote. The next election will take place on 10th June 2024.

5.2. At National Level

The country chairpersons and other country leadership will hold elections every 2 years from now. The next elections coming through on 10th June 2023.

  1. New Cooperators:

The national leadership shall not refuse anyone or any other organization that is interested in carrying out the TEV vision to other parts of that country. You will choose to work together or independently. Remember, we are working towards one cause: good change, food empowerment, and poverty reduction.

  1. Reporting System:

Every Monday the national TEV secretary will send a report about the previous week’s events. (these fill-out documents are already with you). The reports will be sent to the Vice Chairperson’s email bisaac@twikatane.comand attached to the HQ Germany report@twikatane.com. Please, take the reporting system seriously.

  1. Official Appointments:

No office will make any official appointments/meetings with other stakeholders, such as governments, business houses, civil societies, NGOs, etc, without initially informing the continental leadership and the Germany HQ. Otherwise, such a meeting will be deemed illegal.

  1. Finances Handling And Continental funding:

8.1. No officer will be allowed to collect any fees meant for Twikatane e.V by cash. All the transactions will be via bank deposits.

8.2. National expenses shall be discussed by the entire team with the national Finance manager leading such budget talks. The agreed expenditures shall fully be agreed by 2/3 of the team. This budget will be sent to the Continental Vice Chairperson for approval together with the HQ Germany.

8.3. All the invoices and receipts will be kept for future records.

8.4. Important: No supply favors will be allowed. That is huge purchases or orders involving huge thousands of US $ dollars shall be floated in the national media to attract bidders than to give your friend or relative such an order/supply.

8.5. Note: No purchases will be done without first collecting the invoices from the suppliers or the seller.

8.6. The Continental funding will be deposited into the TEV HQ account in Germany and be distributed to its intended target countries in totals or in agreed portions. These transfers will not be sent to an individual account there but into the local TEV account.

8.7. Your local account shall include two officials from the HQ as the mandates too. Meaning withdrawals will be done with the HQ signaling positive to it. The HQ will write such a mandate letter to your local Twikatane bank account.

8.8. You will not ask for any funding from within or internationally without the HQ prior knowledge

8.9. Local fundraising ventures: Each country should start thinking of fundraising projects.

10. National Work/Partnership Contracts:

9.1. These can be drawn or created by the national chairperson with the knowledge of the higher leadership. That is contracts for the teachers, staff, new partners, etc.

9.2. Before handing over and signing such, the V. Chairperson and the HQ will have to approve it. Remember, the new employee getting the contract should have gone through the process in part (4) above.

  1. TEV Programs:

Much as we have a huge list of programs, currently we will concentrate on Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship-AE and the orphanages. No other programs will secretly be introducedwithout the knowledge of the HQ. In any way, anything that is done in the Twikatane e.V’s name must be known to the HQ Germany.

  1. National And International Meetings:

11.1. It is very important that at least two meetings in one month are held by the national teams. And fully documented and copied to the HQ.

11.2. The German HQ will too hold at least two meetings with the national chairpersons and others with the entire national leadership.

11.3. The Continental Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall also hold two meetings in one moth with all the national leadership

11.4. Note: The meetings could be called at any time found fit.

11.5. All these meetings will be documented on paper for future references.

11.6. HQ German Meetings: The country leadership will have exposure meetings at our HQ Germany in Hamburg-Elmshorn. That is twice per year. These tours will be composed of all the national leadership, lead by the continental leadership. God willing the first tours will be this year in November/December (2021).

11.7. These HQ German tour may also include selected students from the representative countries in Africa.

13. Communication Channels:

12.1. Internal communication systems will be designed by the national chairperson and his/her team. However, all communications meant for the Germany HQ shall first be communicated through the Germany HQ secretary Ms. Charity Muponda who will

eventually pass on that message to the Vice Chairperson Africa Bishop Isaac who will respond accordingly.

12.2. In case where the above channel has failed – that is if both are not reachable, you will be free to communicate to the Chairperson Mrs. Belinda Chitusa Siame.

12.3. Still in the case where all the above are not available and not reachable, you are free to communicate directly to the German HQ. The HQ Germany office will not attend to you if you have not gone through the above processes.

12.4. Important! Please, communicate vital information via emails to all the offices than to use WhatsApp. Emails keep the information longer as compared to WhatsApp. You can only use WhatsApp to notify someone: ”check your email”.

12.5. Posting On WhatsApp Group: No any other materials will be posted on the WhatsApp group apart from anything to do with Twikatane e.V.

12.6. Communication With Germany HQ Offices: No official shall directly communicate business or private matters with any of the German based officials. If there is anything needed from the other German based officers, you will initially have to seek permission from the Chairperson’s office, Mr. Lukomona Evans, through his Secretary Ms. Charity Mponda.

  1. Tribalisim: This is a serious issue that heavily hinders progress. Anyone found or noticedpromoting tribalism by choosing not to work or talk to another officer because of tribal lines will be removed from our organization. That is upon failing the 2nd warning.
  1. And many other rules that will be added further with time.

This document was adopted on___________________________ and agreed by the following, through

voting which met the required qualifying numbers, Twikatane e.V Continental membership:

NameOfficeCountryAgreed By

Belinda Chitusa SiameChairperson AfricaZambia

Bishop Isaac AyodeleVice Chairperson AfricaUganda

Emmanuel MalauniCountry ChairpersonZambia

Rev Samson OluochCountry ChairpersonKenya

Vianney MaishaCountry ChairpersonCongo DR

Linah GondomukandapiCountry ChairpersonZimbabwe

Thomas SchöbelCountry DirectorGermany

Natalia LukomonaInternational Vice ChairpersonGermany

Evans LukomonaInternational ChairpersonGermany

Note: Due to distances apart for the above offices, the agreements were done either through email or bytelephone. Attached are the voting emails received from the above offices.

”Thank you for complying. Let us change Africa together and in harmony”

Download full African constitution below: