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Germany Constitution

Twikatane Eingetragener Verein (e.V/NGO)

International Constitution


The term Twikatane is an African saying which means „Let’s put our hands together for a common good goal“.

In this regard ”common good goal” means

1.1. helping the ailing pupils and students through our various specialised departments.

1.2. to creates a social community among the local and the international students where they can exchange various cultural and educational experiences for their knowledge broadening.

1.3. To help the suffering humanity, especially the youths from the third world countries through various projects. This includes the refugees, the vulnerable women and children based in Germany and it’s neighbouring countries, in Africa and other third world or porverty striken countries.


Germany International Head Office

2.1. International Chairperson

2.2. Vice International Chairperson

2.3. Secretary General

2.4. Treasurer

2.5. International Relations Manager

2.6. Board Members

2.7. Advisory board and trustees

African Continental Leadership

The following offices represent the affairs of Africa and Germany and its partner nations.

2.8. Continental Chairperson

2.9. Vice Continental Chairperson

2.10. International Secretary General

2.11. Team of exparts

Africa National Offices

Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Congo DR

2.12. National Chairperson

2.13. Vice National Chairperson

2.14. Secretary General

2.15. Treasurer

2.16. International Relations Manager

2.17. Board Members

Note: Currently, the African headquarters are in Zambia

The Elite Group of Trustees-EGT

This consists of men and women in business who are influential and are positively impacting society. They could be business executives, CEOs and business founders, philanthropists, civil groups leaders, famous personalities, etc.

Their role will be to advise and to help the Twikatane e.V leadership succeed in its functions according to the laid down procedures of this constitution. The EGT will have the following structure:

2.18. EGT Chairperson

2.19. EGT Vice Chairperson

2.20. EGT Chief Fundraiser

2.21. EGT Board Members

2.22. EGT General Members


3.1. The blending of two worlds, Germany and the western world and Africa with other thrid world countries, creates a platform that exposes our global leadership to understand the systems that Germany and other western countries apply to ensure eradication of poverty in their countries. These policies will help our TEV African leadership to emulate and improve the continent with foodsecurity.

3.2. The introdution of african Soils Against Poverty-ASAP project is a unique move that no any other NGO or NPO has undertaken on the continent of Africa. Also introducing a free study program in Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship-AE marks a new era towards ending poverty in Africa. All initiated by Twikatane e.V.

3.3. Across Africa we are teaching the vulnerable and needy for free. These are youths who could not enter an formal education in their countries due to higher fees dectated by the local colleges/universities. Through free education by Twikatane e.V and partner universities has brought back the lost hope onto their lives.

3.4. Out leadership is too international with mixed races and backgrounds. This gives us the platform to build up on various strengths for better successes of our global programs

3.5. Our successful graduates in any study help programs with good marks/points are re-absorbed into our project to teach and train others – providing them with a job and are able to empower themselves financially and economically other than depending on the national Social funds. Such as the unemployed benefits. This means such individuals are able contribute to the GDP of that country where Twikatane e.V is.

3.6. With the Educational Exchange Programme (EEP) among various pupils, students and school managers, from our member countries, will create an effective understading of different cultures and ethnic groups and how various systems run in such countries. This makes it much easier should one feel, in due course, to visit such a country. Yes, modern internet plays a key role to virtually visiting other countries and learning about them. But our sytem which brings together various countries via live-skype talks makes it much concrete and real.


ADOPTED ON:………………. Full date……………..at Schwarzenbek, Schleswig-Holstein.


NOTE: Our important rule regarding any alteration(s) to the this constitution:

Any changes to this constitution will ALWAYS be agreed by at least

two-thirds(2/3) of those members present and voting at any general, ordinary or immergency meeting.

ARTCLE 1: Organisation Name and Commencement

The name of the organisation shall be called Twikatane Eingetragener Verein (e.V)

ARTICLE 2: Interpretation

Twikatane e.V is a social project founded in Germany the city of Schwarzenbek. The term Twikatane is an Zambian-African saying which means „Let’s put our hands together for a common good goal“.

ARTICLE 3: Preamble

All the details in this paper shall be followed and upheld according to our initial plans and goals to satisfy the intended tartget groups.

In order to achieve its aims the group will

  • raise money through various ventures.
  • open transparent bank accounts.
  • get proper insurance.
  • employ staff.
  • acquire and manage buildings of operation.
  • organise courses and events.
  • work with other organisations and exchange information.
  • Cooperate with various government departments in our partner countries
  • consult with the experienced experts
  • do anything that is lawful to fulfil its aims.


ARTICLE 4: Registration

The organization shall be registered in Schwarzenbek and in Elmshorn as an Eingetragener Verein (e.V).

The name of the Group shall be called

Twikatane Eingetragener Verein (e.V).

ARTICLE 5: Head office

The head affice shall be in Schwarzenbek, and Elmshorn Germany.

ARTICLE 6: Operational Projects And Outcomes

We shall run the following programmes, apart from many others:

  1. African Soils Against Poverty-ASAP /

Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship-AE

A project planned to change the face of Africa towards eradication of porverty by involving 80% youths and vulnerable of the African population in farming. Hence, teching them Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship-AE.

Brief about ASAP/AE: the study program lasts 12 months divided into two parts, theoretical and practical.

There will be more food security in the entire African where our existance is and more financial freedom by our graduating students who will eventually be absorbed onto our farm cooperatives.

  1. Educational Exchange Programme(EEP) (for the youths in and out of school)

Online and real-time educational exchanges between pupils/students in Germany and those in Africa, Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world.

Through such a student-to-student integration participants will have a broad knowledge,especially about various cultures of the world. That will even make it much easier should some students feel to visit other member countries.

  1. Counselling and Rehabilitation of Ailing German Based Students

We help pupils and students who are depressed or who feel hopeless in their lives through our counselling talks and various social meetings. Not only the ailing students but we give careers counselling to all.

A rehabilitated student will later become a productive person in society, and he/she would be in a position to set as an example to others who may be depressed or facing usual mental problems students face. This person may act as a living motivator to other.

  1. German Language-GL

In order to strengthen our partnership between Germany and Africa the the Germany-Africa Success Roadmap(GASRoad) Twikatane e.V teaches German language to many in Africa.

  1. Work, Business Exchange Program-WoBEP

Skilled and non-skilled workers working between the two regions – Germans to Africa and vice-versa. Also exposing the African politicians to Germany and its industry.

  1. International Trade(IT) & Investment

In order to raise the funds for Twikatane’s various projects in Africa and Germany, we are involved in fundraising ventures through trading between Germany, Africa and other countries. Areas and products of trade cover anything within the legal framework of Germany and the international lagalities.

Also, we will be involved in spotting good investers/business partners for African development. Germany being our main partner, other developed nations are part too. Such as the USA, the UK, etc.

  1. Get Your Way (GYW)- A refugee Project

Here we offer various programmes: consultations on the job market in Germany and Europe; general education – basic and tertiary; psychological counselling; German and integretions programmes, different sports and lieusure activities, and more.

Our well cared for and well educated refugees will eventually come out to be productive in the society. Not only in Germany but all over the world where they would like to settle and rebuild their lives and future. There is a common saying: ”an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. As Twikatane we will ensure that each refugee member will not be subjected to such a norm, but be productive through our various structures set up in the department. Twikatane will reabsorb better graduants into it’s workforce, and will also refer some to work in our partner and other organisations.

  1. Affordable Study Programs To The Youths

In partnership with CHU-DLI, we offer quality but affordable courses in the following area: German language and integrations, business entrepreneurship, computers, English language, preparatory programmes for university entry, degree programs, and more.

This will see more youths getting qualified and increase their scope and careers.

  1. Renewable Energy-RE and Waste Recyling Process-WRP

Promoting RE and WRPs in Africa. Africa has poor waste recycling processes which has, for many decades, experiences garbages in almost every corner of the rule and urban areas. This causes various deseases. Twikatane e.V will get involved in sourcing equipment and experts from Germany to cooperate with our local African based experts in alleviating the problem.

Also one of the huge problems in Africa is lack of proper electricity distribution in which some countries experience power-cuts or loadshading, depriving the communities of electricity.

Twikatane e.V will be involved in promoting solar enrgy investment in Africa which is blessed with constant sunshine.

  1. Women Developmental Program-WDP

With our esteemed and recognised local and international institutions we will provide personal developmental programmes to women in various areas: such as cooking, knitting, baking, art, information technology, front desk communication, and more.

They will also take part in the Agribusiness Entrepreneurship-AE study program to empower their families and communities.

There is a saying: “when you educate a woman, you educate the whole world”. Women as the main custodians of families, their children will easily copy the trend a mother has set up by aquiring that education – regardless of it’s level. But in essence that mother or woman will be a great motivator to her children or relatives.Not only the aforesaid, she will have the potential to empower other women in her neighbourhood with the knowledge she had aquired through such studies.

  1. African Leadership Watch(ALW)

We will also be involved in ensuring that the African leadership serve its peoples without fear or favour. This will promote democracy and accountability and ill reduce/eradicate corrupt activities among the leadership of Africa.

This will send warning messages for the leadership to avoid corruption which has seen the economical downfall of many African nations.

  1. 2-Euros-for-1

Funny but a very helpful department. This is a department aims at raising €2 each month for every selected or enrolled poor child on the streets of Africa and other third world countries. Your €2 donation per month, plus other fees raised by Twikatane e.V, will help that child in the following areas among others: to buy personal school marterials such as books, pencils, school uniforms, transport money to-and-fro school (for they usually walk long distances), e.t.c. Who should contribute this €2? The German and European based pupils/students and other well wishers.

This little but worthy funding from the general public will go a long way. The sponsored students will eventually be able to accomplish their educational careers and be productive in society where they belong.

  1. Mwimbileni

Mwimbileni is an African saying which means ”Sing for the Lord”. In this department gospel concerts and talks will be held in various parts of the world. That is to raise the awareness of the beauty and benefits in trusting our creator, God. And also to spread peace among nations and individuals.

Founded on the basis of good and spiritual music, will cure many that are afflicted with various types of problems, such as depressions, the loss of jobs and of their beloved ones. Mwimbileni will provide a good platform for comfort.

  1. International Sports Exchange Program-ISEP

Mainly targetting the vunerable in Africa and other third world countries.

Facilitating various sports deciplines for both girls and boys: such as soccer, netaball, volleyball, hockey, etc. The best players will be attached to various German and EU based clubs to play as professionals.

The successful at both local and international levels will earn to fend and support their families apart from building their porting careers.

  1. Youths In Agriculture Club-YAC

Twikatane e.V has adopted the theme to eradicate poverty in Africa through full utilisation of the African soils. Therefore, we have formed YAC onto which full sensitisation of African Soils Against Poverty-ASAP / Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship-AE will be sensitised.

This program will easily integrate the youths in agricultural roduction at a commercial scale. Of late farming or agribuiness was a business mainly undertaken by the old.

  1. Youths Against Child Labour-YACL

A program tailored to wipe away any form of child labour. That is protecting children below the workforce.

Eventually we ill see many children getting back to the main stream of education and develop their careers.

  1. Free Education for Street Kids-FESKiDs

This department is mainly applicable in Africa where the issue of street kids is a call of a day. These are kids who are forced to be on street by their, mainly, single mothers or grandmothers to sell various goods so as to fend for the entire family. This is cause by the HIV AIDS illnes which has taken away, through death, many parents in Africa. Hence, forcing the children to linger the streets to earn for their ‘living’. Twikatane with it’s partners will raise money to try and take most of such kids back to school for a better furture.

Other than ending up as street grown up persons with a potential to end up as criminals, these kids’ lives will totally be transformed for the better, and be productive in society. That is from streeting, to getting back to school, then college/university, and finally into the job market just like any other children who where brought up by able parents.

ARTICLE 7: Core Values

Our main values lie in the uplifting lives of human kinds to higher levels regardless of their clour, creed or originality. All human being are to be treated the same, for every individual on this earth has greater potential in one way or another to positively contribute to society. All any person needs is to be given an equal chance and opportunity.


ARTICLE 8: Vision Statement

  • Ensuring that by the end of the year 2030 there will be no hunger and poverty in Africa through the African Soils Against Poverty-ASAP project.
  • Reaching all corners of the world for a very common and good purpose, and uplifting every human kind’s lifestyle regardless of origin, colour or creed.
  • By the end of the year 2030 Twikatane will have reached all corners of the world, and would have produced useful people in society to highest levels of office and/or professionalism.


ARTICLE 9: Membership and Management

Every new potential member will be proposed by any sitting member. But that new person will have to be voted onto any sit via a common 2/3 majority rule. No new member(s) will be brought into office regardless of the level of the appointing sitting member without a 2/3 majority rule.

All management members will have to perform their duties according to the limits prescribed for them and within the confines of Twikatane work bounderies.

ARTICLE 10: Rights of Members

Regardless of level of membership or office occupied, such as personal qualifications or personal experience any person will have rights to know all about what is transpiring in the organisation. This will strectch to even knowing the flows of cash or moneys within and outside the organisational structures.

Every member will have an equal right to vote and choose new leaders and to pass certain bills proposed by the chairperson and the director.

ARTICLE 11: Termination of Membership And National Committees

Termination of memembership will be according to initial agreed legal agreement between the organisation and the new member through a 2/3 vote majority. But if any member committs a crime or an offence which is deem to negatively affect the operations of the organization, his/her membership will be termineted instantly by the Twikatane e.V authority at the headquarters in Germany.

In a case where 2/3 of members votes to fire a particular member, on a non-dangerous cause, a notice of 3 weeks in advance will be given before such an ailing member finally leaves the organization.

In the case where the German headquarters see that a particular national/country committee/leadership is not performing according to the expected rules, the headquarters will have the mandate to suspend or dissolve that committee. This can be done through a 2/3 vote by the HQ committee or by the descrition of the International Chairperson.


ARTICLE 12: The Regional Elections

  • The German Committee:

Term of Office: All senior office bearers will be valid for a maximum of 2 years, while junior office bearers will be valid for 1 year.

  • The African Continent Committee:

Term of Office: The chairperson and Vice chairperson term of office is valide for 3 years. The national leadership office duration is 1-2 year(s).

In both cases above renewal of offices shall be followed by elections ruled by a 2/3 or 3/4 majority vote.


ARTICLE 13: Composition of a General meeting

Main Processes of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Understand your legislative requirements regarding AGMs
  • Set a date and venue for the AGM
  • Provide notice of the AGM to members and stakeholders
  • Provide documents prior to the AGM where relevant or required, i.e. financial report, material relating to voting resolutions, agenda
  • Call for nominations to the governing body if relevant
  • At the AGM, conduct business as per the agenda, including confirming minutes of previous AGM, reporting, voting on resolutions, and election of members
  • Record and distribute minutes
  • Undertake agreed action
  • Notify relevant bodies of any changes to the governing body

ARTICLE 14: Special General Meeting

Other than the AGM stated above, a special general meeting (SGM) will be called to sort out urgent arising matters. Before such a meeting the cause of the urgency will first be analysed by the Directorate. Afterwards a prompt meeting will be called and discussed FULLY. Where voting is needed to make certain amendments or decisions, a 2/3 majority rule will have to be arrived at.

8. Annual General Meeting

(a) The Group shall hold an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) in the month of May.

(b) All members shall be given at least fourteen days’ notice of the A.G.M. and shall be entitled to attend and vote. The quorum for an AGM shall be composed of at least 7 members.

(c) The business of the A.G.M. shall include:

(i) receiving a report from the chairperson on the group`s activities over the year

(ii) receiving a report from the treasurer on the finances of the group

(iii) electing a new management committee and considering any other matter as may be decided

Article 15: Ordinary General Meeting

Twikatane will hold ordinary meetings every monthend. This will provide a platform to make analyses on various issues which will include, among others, the following Agenda:

  • How funds are flowing and distributions
  • Fundraising ventures
  • How programmes are running in various departments
  • Committee members’ contributions and proposals
  • e.t.c.


ARTICLE 16: Financial Year

Main areas to look at and consider very well will be the following: advance grant; negative cash; completed projects; fixed assets ; and fund balance.

ARTICLE 17: Uses of funds

Donor and self raised funds will be used according to the agreed through a 2/3 majority vote by members.

The funds will be distributed according to needs of various areas of operations.

ARTICLE 18: The Twikatane Bank Account

  • Any money obtained by the group shall be used only for the group reasonable purposes and deposited into the Twikatane e.V account.
  • Any bank accounts opened for the group shall be in the name of the group only, Twikatane e.V.
  • Any cheques issued shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other nominated senior official, including the director of Twikatane e.V. that is no single signatory will have withdrawal authority.

ARTICLE 19: Annual report

  • A list of the funders will be ready by the end of the financial year. This list will be submitted to the relevant offices and will state fully how all the funds which were donated got used – with the full proof of documentations supported by neccessary receipts.
  • Every member of Twikatane e.V will have access to all outgoing years’ financial flows.
  • Not only finances, but all Twikatane events of the outgoing year will be at the desposal of our members and other cooperating partners and the donor community.

ARTICLE 20: Audit and control

  • Twikatane will colectively appoint a qualified private or public auditor to do our books. The auditor will work freely without any interferences from the Twikatane committtee or directorate.
  • Finally, the appointed auditor will reveal to the entire group about the funds and it’s current status.


ARTICLE 21: Constitutional amendments

Following will be requirements for the constitution amendment:

  • a formal application to amend any clause(s) will be addressed to the director general seeking for consent, and signed by at least five (5) registered members of the organization.
  • a copy of the minutes of the meeting authorizing the amendments to the constitution shall be submitted within two weeks( 14 days) before the meeting, and clearly giving reasons for such proposed amendment(s).
  • a copy of a new constitution with highlighted amended sections shall be put into effect and be distributed to all members – following a 2/3 majority vote.

ARTICLE 22: Organisation Dissolution

Should the organisation fail to perform or to realise its intended vision and aims for the next 5 years since it’s inception, it will have to be closed or folded up.

The organisation may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two-thirds (2/3)majority of those present and voting at a special general meeting convened for the purpose of which ninety (90) days notice shall have been given to the Twikatane members.

Such a resolution may give instructions for the disposal of any assets held by or in the name of the Organisation, providing that if any property remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities such property shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the organisation but shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institution or institutions having the objects similar to some or all of the aims of the organisation.

ARTICLE 23: Cooperating Partners and Their Registration Status

Following are our local and international cooperating partners:

  • Diversity Learning Institute, Hamburg, Germany – private and profit making instutute.
  • Stadttielschule Wilhelmsburg, ZEBRA Class, Hamburg, Germany – non profit and German Government run school.
  • Estudio Espanol Spracheinstitut, Harburg-Rathaus, Germany – private and profit making instutute.
  • Verein für Soziale Arbeit und Integretion e.V – non profit making organisation.
  • West Midlands Open College-WMOC, England, United Kingdom – limited company
  • Unternheme Ohne Grenze, e.V, Harmburg, Germany – non profit making organisation.
  • Libala High School, Lusaka, Zambia – parents-teachers run and non profit making school.
  • Mazyopa Basic School, Lusaka, Zambia – parents-teachers run and non profit making school.
  • NAP Academy, Accra, Ghana – private and profit making school.
  • River of Life Academy, Kiev, Ukraine – non profit organisation.
  • Center for African Volunteers-CAV Kenya – non profit organisation.
  • Eagle Cosmopolitant Consultant Zimbabwe – non profit organisation.

ARTICLE 24: Common Seal

All agreed issues to be implemented shall have their written final document(s) fully STAMPED by a Twikatene e.V rubber stamp. Then signed by the follwing order:

  • two senior members of the Twikatane e.V.
  • a director and secretary of Twikatane.