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About us

Twikatane e.V was founded in 2017 in the city of Schwarzenbek in Germany for one good purpose: to serve the ailing people with various problems in Germany, and to uplift many in Zambia and Africa at large.

”Twikatane” is a Zambian Bemba language which means ”Zusammengehörigkeit” in German and ”togetherness” in English language.

The Taikatane founder during his life, as a child, youth, and adult, both in Zambia and in Germany, had gone through a lot of life-challenging phases which shaped him to now

become a successful entrepreneur, CEO, and investor at an international stage. Hence, he thought of founding this Charity in order to use his life experiences to help others, especially, in Africa.

The deepest effects and impact of Twikatane today are being felt in Zambia, Kenya, and Congo DR where we just successfully offered a one year diploma course in Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship-AE to over 3500 needy/vulnerable 80% youths and 20% adults.

Twikatane has seen the birth of the most important department called the African Soils Against Poverty-ASAP, whose purpose is to alleviate poverty in Zambia and Africa at large through sustainable agriculture in partnership with Germany and other advanced countries.

Other than AE/ASAP, there are more programs that are tailored to uplifting lives in Zambia and Africa.