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Helping the ailing pupils and students through our various specialised departments.

Creating social community

To creates a social community among the local and the international students where they can exchange various cultural and educational experiences for their knowledge broadening.

Helping the needy

To help the needy, especially the youths through various projects. This includes the refugees, the vulnerable women and children based in Africa.

Our projects

DLC’s Germany-Africa Education

To give quality, very affordable and internationally recognized education to the African community regardless of level in society.

Aid From Germany to Africa

Through our Germany connections we are currently reinforcing partnerships in Germany and other Europeans countries.

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Zambian Civil Servants Development (ZACSD)

Not only the teaching staff. Through our department called Study in Germany Affordably (SiGA), DLC will source free education to the Zambian civil servants to study masters and PhDs at the Germany universities.

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German Language Training (GLT)
GLT for Africans: To boost up our educational exchange program (EEP) and the Germany-African bridge, DLC is currently embarked on GLT.